Destination Wedding Luxembourg

Destination Wedding Luxembourg

Destination Wedding is a widely used term

in recent times,

especially in our environment, but when

we were asked we weren’t really thinking!

It made us very happy and honored us that

future Rosella Bride

he wanted us on his wedding day.

We started planning in advance

and organize ours

destination Wedding

We will have landed in Luxembourg and then proceeded

at a time of Dudelange where the Spouses and

the Italian family of the Bride.

Colleagues who deal mainly with

Destination Wedding had told us about it

that they were almost always hired for two days;

one before the wedding to make a “brunch” with

future spouses and guests, friends and relatives, who

they would take part in the Marriage, and the

second day for the photo shoot


We arrived earlier to do the inspections of the

church, restaurant and where to do exteriors, e

we have also been invited to meet

the families, the relatives who had come from

Basilica and some from Puglia. But the

Italian “revisitation” of this event

it would have been worthy of a photo session

special: we felt at home! We have been

welcomed with all the warmth and just like us

Italians know how to do.

Other than brunch, we really did eat and

only Italian things very good.

A party before the party, a chance

to be together and bring the family together.

The Sposo Daniel is of Portuguese origin, the guests

the day of the wedding would have been of

different nationalities: Italians of course,

Luxembourg and Portuguese.

Fortunately with the Luxembourgers I used the

French, with the Portuguese the English and with

the Italians tried the “basilicatese” which

they had kindly tried to teach me

Rosella’s uncles.

In short, the group photos were

reason for so many laughs, very Italian also

feast at the banquet in the splendid location


The bride and groom were very happy, as well as

of service, including how we managed

the guests and how they felt

followed with sympathy and without any


First the Spouses, but all their loved ones

they will have their story piece told

of this special day.

A photo gallery will follow

where we will show you some of the best shots.

Now we wish you a good vision

of their wedding video trailer

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