Exclusive Wedding photographer

Exclusive Wedding photographer

What does an “exclusive Wedding photographer” really mean?

An exclusive Wedding is very clear in the imagination of all

Future Brides, who daydream about their big day.

But an exclusive Wedding photographer means a photographer

exclusive or exclusive? What would you prefer?

I was also a bride and I know the answer well:


In fact, an exclusive photographer works exclusively, therefore

one could say that the two things are linked.

Why did I want to make this premise?

I did it to better explain our choice to work


the exclusive Wedding photographer who turns to our Studio will have it

Many, which really pleases us and honors us,

they call us even before reserving the location and stopping the

given in the Church.

There are very popular dates, this year I think it will be

6/20/2020, date for which we have already received many


We would like to be able to satisfy all requests, but

just as I tried to explain above, ours

choice and to take the big commitment of

realize only one service at a time.

We dedicate ourselves firsthand to the couple,

accompany you until the wedding day

and follow it personally throughout the duration

of the event, putting at its service the whole

our experience and professionalism.

Then we take care of “packing” the way

better the memories we “created” together with the Spouses,

we follow them from the beginning to the end, to then see each other again in other happy occasions.

(we become the Family photographer)

Our spouses made us win for the 4th year

below the “Wedding Awards” of Matrimonio.com,

thanks to their positive reviews!

For us the most important recognition,

the one that above all makes us understand that the choice

to realize our services only in exclusive is

the right one.

I will never tire of saying that in the profession

of photographers, there is not only the technique, even that one

very important, but each of us is unique and is

characterized by its sensitivity and framing

that do not make it absolutely interchangeable!

For some years we have also been participating in the organization

of a fair Sposi con parade, in short we try to

broaden our knowledge of the world of


Soon there will also be a big news concerning

just the “planning” of the Marriage!

(here you can read more about us).

The right choice

Remember that everything you do on the day of

marriage, perhaps organized for months, with many

energies and labors, where all the free moments are

been dedicated to its realization looking for the

right story to tell your fairy tale,

will take care of the photographer

seize every detail, every emotion e

transform it into something tangible and “immortal”.

Then you don’t agree with me that the choice

right is the exclusive Wedding photographer?

One last very important recommendation:

reserve us only for you in time!

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