Fairytale Wedding Chiara & Davide

Fairytale Wedding Chiara & Davide

The fairytale wedding of Chiara and Davide was one

of those very much felt both by the Spouses’ families

and by all the many friends who intervened on the big day.

We like to call it a fairytale wedding for several reasons,

one of which is the atmosphere that was

breathed throughout the event.

We met the bride and groom long before they

planned their wedding, we were very pleased

that they turned to us.

The bride and groom have planned everything

well in advance and as you can see,

even from this brief excerpt from their video of Wedding,

everything has been very accurate, every little detail.

One of the most beautiful days of their life together

starts at the parents’ houses, luckily we Italians

know how to respect the most important traditions

and to our Spouses it has really made us very happy

to have our loved ones nearby when there

is a bit of tension, those that precede the arrival in the Church.

The fairytale Wedding location

The Church chosen for the celebration of the religious rite

was that of Sant ‘Agata in Prossedi,

a characteristic of which is that it can only

be reached on foot and the Spouses can take a short walk;

in the case of the Bride, she also had a procession

of bridesmaids all wrapped in an elegant and evergreen tiffany.

As in a real fairytale wedding, the entrance to the church

was decorated with a romantic arch, cared for like the rest

of the settings and the bouquet of the bride by Carla by Fori d’Arancio.

After the heartfelt celebration of the sacred rite of marriage,

the bride and groom were greeted with a surprise toast

in the town square, and then everyone left for

the location designated for the banquet, the “Miramonti Ricevimenti” restaurant.

The Spouses have chosen to enjoy the party and company

of all their loved ones present at the reception

and therefore with them we have organized a post-wedding

photo shoot on the return of the honeymoon.

Many couples choose to do so also to have more

time to perform the couple service, and not take it off to the party;

also you can choose the destinations that would be

too far away that day or for example you could not make

the famous “trash the dress” at sea.

We also show you some other of our services of this type

and soon we will also publish some of the most

beautiful shots of this couple of Spouses and their fairytale wedding!

Stay tuned!

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