Marriage video trailer

Marriage video trailer

The Marriage video trailer of Alessandra and Luciano,

of which you can see here in short trailer was

partly shot at Fondi

for our married couple Alessandra and Luciano,

but not only.

After getting ready at home session,

while we were preparing the preparation of the Future Spouses

and their family members

the marriage video trailer continued where

our newlyweds had chosen to do the wedding ceremony:

the Church of San Pietro Apostolo.

It is not what most couples choose,

but our Spouses have an affective bond

with her and all the choices of their Love Story

they were made with great care.

As a first gift our newlyweds have

received a boat ride

from the port of Sperlonga, in the Marriage video trailer

you can also see some beautiful and suggestive

shooting with the drone of this country that is part of the circuit

of the most beautiful villages in Italy!

Some quick shots and some shots of

Marriage video trailer

we also made them at the “Torre Truglia”,

which rises on the tip of the promontory of the town.

Quick because we immediately left to reach

the location of the Le Pantanelle reception

where friends and relatives waited for our “just married”

to start the festivities.

In the Marriage video trailer you can also see one

beautiful overview from the top of the location and while

the Spouses make their triumphal entry and come

greeted by the pool for the usual toast,

we also see the crib country (in this period

we are also in full Christmas atmosphere) of

Monte San Biagio.

This wonderful pair of spouses is also competing

in our competition and you can help them win by putting

After the toast the party started!

I like it below their photo here:

Great party for the newlyweds and the many guests present

at their wedding, you can also see in the wedding video

some moments of dancing.

Happy end with poolside fireworks!

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