Trash the dress in Rome Luca and Cristina

Trash the dress in Rome Luca and Cristina

Making the trash the dress in Rome was an idea of ​​the couple

Luca and Cristina.

When we met, long before their wedding day,

they expressed their desire for a marriage during which

they wanted to be with friends and relatives, without the stress of the photos or

having to “abandon” the guests during the reception as

often happens.

However, we usually discourage a photo session one

once arrived at the location, unless you want to agree on a short one

outside with the animation and the restaurateur.

We were the right choice if you want a shooting

always present and attentive, but never intrusive.

Trash the dress in Rome

We live in a strategic place where they can be reached

dream location easily, the choice to do the

We loved the trash the dress in Rome!

We are “famous” for wedding and wedding photography

after-sunset at the seaside, but in this one

case the beauty was to try something


The wonderful couple of Sposini, Luca and Cristina,

they love Rome and its unique scenarios, even as a part

integral part of their love story, and therefore not

he could do otherwise the trash the dress in Rome

it was almost obligatory.

Sant’Angelo castel

As a first stop we chose Castel Sant’Angelo,

the magic of the place was accompanied by musicians

street performers really good, there was even a singer

Japanese with the harp, “gave” original versions of opera.

After the inevitable sunset shots,

then we walked towards the avenue of San Pietro,

after a while all the street lamps also lit up.

Before changing the scenario, with the favor of the

night, we stopped at a carousel for

some alternative and romantic shots.

The end of this photo session of

we did trash the dress in Rome

a bridge in front of the Colosseum.

In this short trailer you will see some

anticipation of this service, good vision!

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