Wedding film Mauro & Roberta

Wedding film Mauro & Roberta

The Wedding film by Mauro and Roberta,

begins with a very peculiarity

strong for the pair of newlyweds: a voice is heard …

No it is not the “usual” voice that is often heard in

Wedding trailers movie.

It is the voice of the bride’s father!

Roberta’s father had been preparing for this important

reading for some time,

in fact you can hear that the sentences are special,

it is not at all easy to find the right words.

For our part, we were warned, as we recommend

always to do with all our couples,

and immediately we understood that

we had to give the right connotation to this unique discourse and

very important for the Bride, in the Wedding film

she would have done to relive to her and her Beloved,

to all the loved ones present that day,

the “Best moment” (in this link you can see also some our

wedding shooting).

Always keep in mind that, as the great Bob Marley used to say

“Take care of your memories,

because you can’t relive them again. “

We will take care of that!

Couples often ask me what I recommend, whether to do or not

also the “little movie”, my answer is:

“the little movie really not! You

I can show some Marriage videos “.

(here you can find our other wedding trailer videos)

In my opinion they are complementary,

I can give different emotions,

especially after some time.

What is certain is that the same principle of the photos is valid:

it must be a Wedding film made with great

care and professionalism.

We put a lot of love and passion into everything too

because we know the greatest

responsibility entrusted to us!

In this wedding film trailer

you can also see some frames of

Gaeta and the fascinating old sailing ship

the “Signora del Vento”, the Church chosen by the Spouses

the Sanctuary of the Santissima Annunziata, to visit!

To always end in beauty in the location where

the celebrations and the wedding banquet took place,

in Villa Caribe (very neat and beautiful, with even annexed

a Spa! Interesting idea for post-wedding).

This beautiful married couple is committed

much in the search for the professionals that they would

be we were close on such a special day,

we did our best and we hope to have met expectations.

Follow our blog too, there are many tips

useful for those who are starting to dream!

stay tuned!

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