Wedding on the beach Restaurant Capannina Elda & Rosario

Wedding on the beach Restaurant Capannina Elda & Rosario

The Wedding on the beach of Elda and Rosario

took place on a splendid sunny afternoon, at the Restaurant La Capannina,

under the splendid view of the Temple of Giove

in Terracina, Latina.

Service began at the homes of the parents of the future Spouse,

and of the future Bride at the couple’s home.

With Elda there were his two small and beautiful children,

a boy and a girl, whom we inserted into different shots,

playing more and more often we manage whole

families on our wedding day.

After the celebration of wedding on the beach

we did a very fast and fun photo session at

the Temple of Giove, just as sunset came.

We always try to do our best to make dreams, satisfy the desires

of couples who trust us;

they had asked to do a short shoot and we did so.

We’ve made some very intense couple photos that

fully reflected them and this is very important for us!

Immediately returning to the restaurant La Capannina,

the bride and groom had chosen this location also for

the wedding party.

How right it is that they spent the evening with their

loved ones carried away by an overwhelming animation,

and everyone participated in jokes and numerous group dances.

Not only the wedding at the beach,

but also for the cutting of the cake we are back outside,

like not taking advantage of such a location.

A romantic evening atmosphere was the setting for

fireworks show which followed later

as usual toast of the newlyweds with families and witnesses.

For the estimators, the Rum and Cigars corner

was also set up, where even the Spouses made a stop and

they made themselves immortalized with classic hats.

We with them and through our shots, we have fun,

we get excited and we live the great honor to the full

that we are given to participate in these unique and

unrepeatable moments,

one of the most beautiful days of their life.

Take a few moments to see this photo gallery

of some of the best photos

that we made during this service,

maybe you are thinking of a

very romantic beach wedding too!

Here you can also see a video trailer

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