Wedding Photographer Sira Falso

Wedding Photographer Sira Falso

The wedding photographer Sira Falso was born in Latina but lived and traveled in Italy

and in the world having worked for many years in an international context.

Since she was very young she showed interest in figurative arts such as painting, her first exhibition was in kindergarten.

An innate love for photography, his first camera was a polaroid that they gave her at 6 years old.

His studies, however, were economic, he did not imagine making a job one of his greatest passions, as it happened afterwards.

Occasionally since 2005 he has been collaborating with a real estate agency

which needed to photograph houses in Tuscany and Umbria to be sold to foreigners.

In 2008, with what is her current husband, Giovanni Scirocco and also a professional companion,

with the opened the Photographic Studio, they started to follow, the competitive sport,

dealing with circuits and events at regional, national and international level.

And the first to request his presence as

wedding photographer

it was sportsmen who fell in love with his style and who

it was sportsmen who fell in love with his style and who

they absolutely didn’t want to have the “classic photographer”.

In 2011 he made the decision to devote himself to wedding photography,

occasionally also following business services, fashion and events.

In the same year they opened a painting and photography gallery in the Borgo of Fossanova.

He keeps a blog on the Studio website that deals with the latest trends in the world of Wedding,

from this year on it has included a section with the opinions and advice of the excellence of our territory.

Organize the “Wedding Gala” fair Sposi with fashion show dresses, in collaboration with

the Atelier, the Angolo degli Sposi and the location Villa Cavalier in Sabaudia,

with great success they arrived at the 4th edition together.

In continuous personal and professional growth as a wedding photographer, he has followed and followed

training and creative courses with internationally and nationally renowned photographers.

Together with her husband Giovanni Scirocco, she created wedding photo shoots as well as in the

province of Latina and Rome, also around Italy and this year will make its first experience abroad.

Important awards.

They have been winners for some years of the Wedding Awards of as Photo Studio

with more positive reviews of the Spouses in the province of Latina.

In his spare time he loves reading, going to the cinema, being with his cat Nino.

Rarely, much less than he would like he can still paint.

She loves traveling and seeing new places, together with her husband they promised to do it at least once a year.

She tries to put in her photographs all the experiences and her personality,

who are and will always be in constant evolution.

For those who want to know something more, it is possible to read this interview made by

talented make-up artist Giorgia di Giorgio on her blog!

Check the availability of your wedding date

Check the availability of your wedding date

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