Wedding video in Sabaudia

Wedding video in Sabaudia

The Wedding video in Sabaudia, of our Spouses Rachel and Peter,

was shot at the most in this fantastic location.

They also choice the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca,

for the celebration of their rite.

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca, located on Lake Paola in Sabaudia,

it is chosen by many couples of Spouses,

for its position and for the beauty really

unique is a truly magical place.

We as Studio often come here with great pleasure, when future spouses come from us and ask us how their Marriage will be in this little church, they can

through our stories, start dreaming.

We ofter make a wedding video in Sabaudia, a lots of couple choice the wedding celebration directly on the beach.

At the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca
as I said it is where many couples would like to get married, but this

Sanctuary is not for everyone, its brotherhood is keen to preserve it in the best way.

Rachel and Peter came to us well in advance once they had

fixed the date, and they did very well, June is one of the most beautiful months and more


Usually when you start thinking about Marriage, the future Bride has already chosen

for some time the Church where he has always dreamed of doing it, and this is also the case

of our Spouses, Rachel had no doubt that the perfect Church for them

it would have been the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca.

It is a church gathered and not very large, but despite this, I have seen

which lends itself to different types of floral arrangements and in the case of Rachel and Peter,

they chose a very scenic one.

After the romantic ceremony, we stayed in the small

square around the Sanctuary for taking photos and video

of the exterior, it lends itself a lot and there are

many really beautiful corners, not to mention the splendid

background of the lake.

It provides us with the right setting to create the necessary

intimacy for the newlyweds;

as you can see, a little taste of this Love Story,

from our wedding video in Sabaudia.

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