Professional photographers for passion

Professional photographers for passion

We are Sira and Giovanni, we are a couple in the life and profession of photographers,

that we carry out with passion and creativity.

We take advantage of this space to make our brief presentation,

in such a way as to tell those interested,

our personal journey into the world of photography.

The passion for photography was one of many we shared right away.

A few years ago we decided to give it space and start following the competitive sport,

realizing photographic services during the competitions,

after a few months we became the national and international circuit photographers.

And the sportsmen were the first to want to hire us as photographers for the their wedding photo shoot.

Being sporting is a way of life, a way of being and therefore it was expressed to us the desire for a typology

photo shoot absolutely natural and without poses.

In other words they wanted almost the same approach we used while competing:

of invisible photographers who created fantastic shots


Then our presence was requested, as professional photographers,

more and more frequently also in other areas

and we have made shooting for big companies, events, fashion,

life style and much more.

But as in all professions, in every type of service they are necessary

different skills and we immediately,

in addition to exploiting the acquired experience of photojournalism, reportage,

the ability and speed to capture the right moment,

we also started to specialize as photographers of matrimonial services,

adding studies of lights, portraits and glamorous and beauthy editing.

This allows us to be very versatile photographers and to succeed in

meet different needs and create photographic services of various styles.
We have had the honor and the good fortune to follow, and we will always continue to do so,

workshop of the best wedding photographers in the world.

As soon as possible, we take photographic trips to the places where we can

to be contaminated by a thousand different ideas, where to cultivate our creativity.
Ours is a continuous professional growth, new techniques,

new ideas and everything always with a great passion for what we do.

In the profession of wedding photographers,
our experiences and our personality

they reflect very much in the shots we create, they have a very personal touch.

We like working together, in such a way that we do not miss anything,

we have also noticed that our styles very different from each other, fused together they give a truly original and unique result.
The photo shoot we’re going to do will have our style, but it will also have and especially your personality,

and for this it will be absolutely exclusive.

In the role of personal photographers we will be observers

always present and attentive, but with discretion. Through our shots we will make you relive the emotions of one’s story

of the most important days of your life together.

We do not delegate anything, we personally follow the photo shoots from the beginning to the end.

We make ourselves available to realize and perhaps redefine your dreams and your expectations.

Photo albums

We also take great care in offering various types of products,

for our photo album proposals.

We give a wide choice and the possibility of

customize the cards, the cover and the formats, as in everything we do,

here too there is a great deal of research and continuous study.

We pay a lot of attention to news and events

we always approach trying to give design photo album solutions

that can become real furnishing complements.

You will have the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors and materials for the

your wedding photo shoot and more.

We have a 3D simulator that you can see right away

the combination of colors and materials you have chosen! You can even think match it with the color or theme you have given to your wedding!

We receive by appointment, not only to meet your time requirements,

but also because it is very important that you are the only couple, in this way you will have our full attention.

It is very important for us to empathize with you: we will listen carefully to your wishes.

We will listen to every detail of what you want to have for the realization of the photo shoot,

and of course also a video service to which you can also add

the drone with a professional operator,

in short, we are organized to satisfy every request and need for your wedding!

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