Wedding Photographer Giovanni Scirocco

Wedding Photographer Giovanni Scirocco

The wedding photographer Giovanni, was born in Priverno, in the province of Latina.

He left his hometown right after the college to do different work experiences around Italy.

At the age of 23 he settled in Pisa, Tuscany, where he worked in an international reality in the Carlsberg group.

While wandering around the small villages and the beautiful Tuscan hills, he always had a camera with him.

In Pisa he was a member of the photographic association “Sensitive eye”,

where he followed assiduously courses on photography techniques.

In 2007 he decided to return to Latina for love, he continued his profession in the “beverage” sector

and with his current wife Sira, he immediately shared his great passion for photography.

In 2008 he began to follow competitive sport, his other great passion,

and has realized photographic services

for circuits at regional, national and even international level.

Some of his most beautiful and significant shots have been published in important

national sector magazines.

The sportsmen asked him to do his first wedding photo shoots,

after getting passionate about this type of shooting, after experimenting

and made the technique of reportage and of what really was to seize the moment in sport.

He decided to specialize and follow, and he continues to do it constantly,

professional photo retouching courses and international and national wedding photographers.

He likes to follow, for his continuous and personal growth, also conferences of

Concept Art. 3D. Matte Painting,

that go beyond his specialization, to keep creativity alive,

exploit interesting contaminations and stay up to date

on the trends and novelties of the digital arts.

Since 2011 it carries out as sole and predominant activity

the profession of wedding photographer

occasionally he deals with fashion, events and corporate photo shoots.

Organize as a Studio the “Wedding Gala” fair with fashion shows, in collaboration with

the Atelier, the Angolo degli Sposi and the location Villa Cavalier in Sabaudia, with great success have reached the 4th edition together.

He has created photographic wedding services as well as in the province of Latina and in Rome,

also around Italy and occasionally abroad, the area of ​​the wedding often called “destination wedding”.

Important awards

They are winners for four consecutive years, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 of the Wedding Awards of as Photo Studio

with more positive reviews of the Spouses as a wedding photographer in the province of Latina.

In 2018 he applied successfully, and joined the ANFM National Association of Wedding Photographers,

where, in addition to taking advantage of continuous specialized training, it has been deemed compliant with professional ethics parameters,

this to further guarantee and protection for the couples who will turn to him.

In his spare time he enjoys practicing sports, especially mountain biking in the Lepine woods

take long walks in nature and travel to discover new places.

Check the availability of your wedding date

Check the availability of your wedding date

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